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    My phone has done this since the day I got it.

    I'll dial the number and it will freeze when it says "Dialing" it will never switch to active no matter how long I wait, so I have to pull the battery out.

    It will sometimes responds to button smashing, but I can't get it to end the call.
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    The response is overwhelming.
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    I got the similar problem when:
    1. listening to MP3 thru RealPlayer
    2. Press Phone to bring up phone app
    3. Press Phone to bring up Call Log
    4. dial a # in the call log
    5. dialing status disappeared, and back to Phone App, but, I can still talk to the person.
    6. Phone App stucks on the screen, and Treo stays on until reset.

    I'm on Firmware 1.71, software Treo650-1.20-ENA (original), carrier DB 255. I have not experienced such issue with previous firmware versions.

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