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    I'll bet alot of you didn't know there was a place for external antenna I found out the hard way ! on the back of the phone directly under the antenna there's a small rubber plug hidding the antenna screw. Under that is a larger plug hidding the external antenna jack............. Trying to replace a cracked treo screen I took out the wrong rubber plug (external antenna )saw some kind of a rivet ;I thought , I tried to pry it and it popped out. I realized I screwed up, tried to put it back, "yea right !" now my Phone doesn't work. Any suggestions ? Help ! I tryed to re-solder but still no signal . Can I trip some of the solder spots on board ? does any body know where I can buy a new top sim board?
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    Did you ever find a solution for this? Same thing happened to my phone.
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    Try Performance PDA.
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