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    I use my sprint SMTP to send through my pop3 account because it will not allow for redirecting. All of a sudden when I send, it says that the username is incorrect. All of my settings are the same as when I left them.
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    Hmm, that doesn't make much sense. What exactly is the error you're seeing?

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    Sending error:
    535 5.7.8 Bad username or password
    (Authentication failed).

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    That message comes directly from the server; if your user name and password are correct in the SMTP Profile (NOT on the Define screen), then you should contact Sprint, I think.

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    I heard that you went to YU Marc. Is this true?
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    Einstein, MD '79

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    Cool. Both of my brothers are in YU now.
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    Worked around it by using a yahoo smtp. Thanks for the help.
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    This problem arose after Sprint deployed EV-DO. They've been migrating their mail servers. To fix the problem, log in to your account on the Sprint web site,
    - click "My Online Tools"
    - click "SprintPCS mail"
    - click "Settings and Preferences"
    - click "Setup"
    - fill in a new password. I recommend using the same password as you use for your SprintPCS web site login - makes remembering it easier. For security purposes, consider using a different one.
    - when finished click "Done"
    - wait 10 minutes for the change to propagate
    - in Chatter/VersaMail/SnapperMail set your smtp password to the one you just entered, and make sure your username is just your Sprint username without the and make sure the smtp server is

    you're back in business!

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    Thanks, Conrad - great info!


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