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    I've searched and think I have a pretty good understanding of how this thing works, but I am still having a problem getting my home computer, work computer and Treo to stay in sync. I've tried different settings and am open to suggestions.

    Home is a Win XP Pro desktop syncing with HotSync software to Outlook 2000.

    Work is a Win XP Pro desktop syncing with HotSync software to Outlook 2000 via Exchange Server 2000 (I think).

    I have both desktops set up the same way. Allow sync with multiple computers and sync all conduits. Handheld wins if there is a conflict.

    I sync at home every morning before going to work. I then sync at work when I get in and again before I leave. I sync again when I get home.

    I'll often make changes on my work computer which get synced with my Treo, but then when my Treo syncs with my home computer the changes don't show up on my home computer. This shows up most with tasks, but also shows up with the other conduits.

    I think my Treo itself stays in sync with the best info, but how can I keep the other two computers in sync as well? It should work the way I am doing it.

    Any ideas? If you have a similar set-up and it works for you, what are your settings?

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    Never tried this using the stock Palm conduits, but I used to have the following setup working fine. I now have a different employer who makes me use OneBridge instead of HotSync, but this setup worked until I switched employers:

    Work: Win XP Pro, Outlook 2002, Exchange Server 2003, Hotsync & Intellisync
    Home desktop: Win XP Home, Outlook XP, Hotsync & Intellisync
    Home laptop: Win XP Home, Outlook 97, Hotsync & Intellisync

    Everything stayed synced with this setup. I guess my point is that Intellisync may be your answer if you're willing to drop the $$$. I was very happy with it. All kinds of customization options.
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    I have a similar setup to you:
    home win xp: outlook 03
    work win xputlook 03 w/ exchange mail
    happens to me sorry solution is every once in awhile , every other day, i set my home computer sync to 'handheld overwrites desktop' one time only then sync.
    note: the outlook 2003 gives me the same issues you have...

    only way I've found that works for me...
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