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    I have had an HBH-662 bluetooth headset paired with my Verizon Treo 650 for a few months now.

    Lately I've gotten lots of complains about static while using it.

    Where do I begin troubleshooting?
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    Obviously the first thing I would do is try another BT headset and make sure its not your Treo...

    A search for that BT model in these forums would show a low occurrence of people having static issues with the HBH 662. I have one and never had any complaints of static from my audience, going on 5+ months now.
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    I have a friend's Sony HBH-610, and have simliar problems with it...

    Could it be my phone? I have the lastest VZW firmware...

    Should I hard-reset it? Or just try re-pairing?

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