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    I'm looking for some power users to help beta test a new ROM update tool for the Treo 650. This tool is designed to make upgrading and restoring ROMs easy for custom rom "noobs" to advanced customizers.

    Upgrading a ROM takes about 30-40 seconds and requires no SD card. Restoring after a bad flash is done through the same interface so if you mess something you, you know you can fix it.

    Some of the features include:

    - Automatic building of ROMs from directories
    - Support for (and conversion of) various formats of ROM, including unzipped rom directories, .zip files and .zip.pdb files
    - Update over USB (no waiting for SD card)
    - Download and extract current ROM
    - Viewing ROM tokens
    - ROM restore/dump over ethernet for remote phone debugging

    If you are interested in testing out the tool, please email me at "matthew - at -" with the subject "ROM Tool Beta Test". For this first round of beta testing, I would like that all applicants have the following:

    - Experience creating at least one custom ROM
    - The bootloader driver installed and working from Shadowmite's ROM restore tool
    - Windows XP
    - .NET framework 2.0

    If I get people with tons of custom ROM experience, I'll likely add them to the beta list, since they know how to restore their ROM via the other tools.

    For everyone else, these screenshots will likely reflect the final GUI, but there's still a bit of work to be done to clean it up.
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    I'm not volunteering but it looks damn good!
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    Just so everyone knows - the tool will be open source as well. I'll be releasing the source code with the first full release of the application.
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    VERY Nice!
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    I haven't built any custom ROMs yet but will sure try once your tool is released. I just wanted to say thanks for creating it.

    The main reason I haven't experimented is that I haven't had time to research all the various tools available and didn't know how to backup my original ROM. This tools looks like it will do everything and will also let me restore from a known good build so I don't have to play games with downgrading versions to get this or the other loader to work. It will finally let me easily experiment. I'm looking forward to it.
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    i'll give it a shot how do I get it?
    Treoing & Loving it
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    gt5l: Email me (address is in my message) and I'll sign you up for the first round.
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    I would be a beta tester..
    I update my treo650 rom for 5 times (use shaowmite to created my rom)
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    Very, very nice! I have all the required tools for a test and would love to help. I will e-mail you with my address.


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    Sent you an email ;-)
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    You have mail.

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    Count me in to, please.
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    Wow! Looks great. I'm not brave enough to beta test though.....
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    I will test too. I have a Sprint T-650 with a 1.12 custom ROM. I want to apply the latest update but only in a custom format stripped of the Sprint crap and Real Player. I would have already updated the ROM but I forget how to make a custom ROM.
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    Eh - why not. I can always restore using the bootloader!
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    thanks for your hard work will give it a shot.
    Made this just for fun...I'm Kermit

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    Hi GatorFan,

    I am interested to learn how to use bootloader. Could you please give me some directions about how to use it or may be some web sites that I can get info from? Thanks.
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    i'm in. sent you a pm.
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    Thanks for all the interest guys. I've sent a bunch of message on how to sign up for the beta. I hope to release a second beta soon and then the final release and source for everyone to enjoy.

    I'd like to close the beta for now - there's about 20 people so far that are signed up. Don't worry, though, it'll be out soon enough.
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    I'm a good candidate for a user -- but not a beta tester, since I haven't messed with my ROM yet.

    however, can I offer a couple suggestions? very likely you've already incorporated some....

    1) a database which identifies each component, noting its purpose, system dependencies -- and whether it can be deleted safely

    2) a guide to installing -- eg, suggestions/knowledge about optimal freespace size as it relates to these dbcache issue; along maybe with a failsafe checker -- eg, if there aren't enough language files

    3) the ability to use the app under something else besides XP -- eg, I may be one of the few people around here still on Windows98, but maybe there are more who have no use for .NET
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