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    Quote Originally Posted by rayfield
    I'm a good candidate for a user -- but not a beta tester, since I haven't messed with my ROM yet.

    however, can I offer a couple suggestions? very likely you've already incorporated some....

    1) a database which identifies each component, noting its purpose, system dependencies -- and whether it can be deleted safely

    2) a guide to installing -- eg, suggestions/knowledge about optimal freespace size as it relates to these dbcache issue; along maybe with a failsafe checker -- eg, if there aren't enough language files

    3) the ability to use the app under something else besides XP -- eg, I may be one of the few people around here still on Windows98, but maybe there are more who have no use for .NET

    support for all of windows platforms?

    I.E. I have Win2K and I second all these suggestions of the quoted post. Also if you could figure out a way to sort out the carrier specific files?

    P.S. thanks for doing this, it looks like it will take most or all of the fear for me to do my first ROM when it comes out! Also, damn, it looks like this was alot of work so thanks again!
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    What do you mean by sorting out the carrier specific files? Do you mean renaming _CROW_ files to _SPCS_ (or some other carrier to some other carrier)?
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    This would be very very kew-el if it had checkboxes for carrier and Apps. In other words:

    1. Select Carrier / Type:

    a) Unlocked GSM
    b) Cingular GSM
    c) Verizon CDMA
    d) Sprint CDMA

    2. Download latest ROM file from here [insert website location] and save in [insert traget] directory. This would be based on answer to 1.

    3. Based upon answer to 1:

    A. Indicate languages desired (two minimum)....followed by choices.
    B. Indicate ROM apps desired to keep.....followed by I could for example leave out Welcome, XPress Mail, Get Good, Real, VersaMail or whatever.

    4. Replace original apps / utilities with the following (again based upon what answer was in Item 1.)

    FAT32 capability
    Blazer 4.3
    Whatever else.

    Add in programs from list of programs known to work in ROM. Selecting a program would list files required and where you had to put them.

    5. A "copy existing working ROM" before we start option as well as a "restore what I just screwed up" of course goes unsaid. Extra points for being able to save multiple images.

    I'd pay a decent sum for a program which automated all that.
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    yup. me too.
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    This looks AWESOME!!

    Cannot wait till official release!! Great job!
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    Sent you some mail....wonderin if its not too late to get in on this beta testing.......
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    Wow, I wish I has this the other night when I was beta testing the fast loader blazer!! I would love to get this out as well!
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    If I may make a feature suggestion:

    The ability to delete files from a ROM zip file using wildcards would be very useful for removing languages. For example, remove "*deDE*", "*itIT*", etc.

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    Looking forward to hearing from the beta testers. This program is going to rock!!
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    If the beta testers want to talk about how it's going, they are free to say anything they want... but only as long as it's good (j/k )
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    I want to say that your program is rock already, it great at creating Custom ROMs and testing it on Treo.
    But I never used IRC, I begin with GoogleTalk and Skype, so can I send you some "bad things" personally?
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    I am all in too.
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    hash: you can email me any problems. Shadowmite's IRC channel also has a Java client that you can find at his forum.
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    So far I think this is going to be a great thing for people to create their own ROMs without having to worry as much about bricking their phone. Although there are things still to be done. The directory option where you can just use Explorer to move files back and forth is nice. Especially for stripping things out. If the speed issue is resolved I think it will be the new standard.
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    Very impressive work! Doing ROMS has been on my list of things to do this month, but if this software is forthcoming, I'm just going to wait until its finished.

    Good Job!

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    I'm here as well for testing.
    Contact me via e-mail.

    GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!
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    Just an update for those waiting. The speed issues have been resolved. Takes about a minute to send the ROM. The directory function is going to make it very easy for people to create there own roms. Just copy and delete files from a regular folder on your PC. You can also download what is on the phone first as a backup.

    I'll let you know more later.
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    I really want this to be released!!! I need to hard reset my treo anyway, and i would love to upgrade to a custom rom, but i was initially too afraid of doing so...
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    I think it will be pretty soon.
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    Great work! Keep it up!
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