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    I had a lot of problems with BrowseIt - in a fit of anger, I have removed it from my Thinmodem...

    Any other decent browsers out there that anyone can give some input on?

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    Try PalmScape, it's my preferred browser.
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    Where kan I find PalmScape? Been surfing the net for hours, but the real product does not appear.

    Can you download files with PalmScape ?

    Atle Kåven
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    PalmScape can be downloaded from

    It can download files, but only PRCs & PDBs, not ZIPs

    One of the best features is the frames support, there is a dropdown at the top of the screen which shows the frame layout and allows the different frames to be selected.

    It also supports cookies, and I have used it numerous times to read and post to VisorCentral.

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    Thank you Jim !
    I'am downloading now...

    Atle Kåven
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    Thanks Jim - I'll check it out.


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