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    This is not for me but a friend of mine who is very new to a Treo 650. He's a DR and has a lot of appointments that he carries on his handheld.

    The first few times he synced up and transferred data back/forth from his calendar-desktop, I believe all was ok.

    Then, he started getting messages(errors?) saying that he doesn't have any more room and it messes up when he tries to sync up.

    I don't know the amount of memory his calendar is consuming.
    I know he doesn't have any other or if any, very little, apps on the treo.
    His main use was going to be phone and calendar ... and that latter is really important for him and his profession.

    • What are the options he might have?
    • Can he run or keep some of the data off the treo and on an SD card?
    • Are there some other Calendar apps that are 3rd party that might handle large amounts of data better than the built-in app?
    • Are there any 3rd party apps that might allow him to use an SD card to store entries (future??) and move them back/forth and off the card to the Treo/Calendar app and help with freeing up space on Treo?

    TIA. -OT
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    What are the apps that he does have on the Treo? Could the error be that the SD card is full? Do the following:

    1) From the Phone screen press the "house" button to go the applications home screen
    2) Press the button across from the "home" button that has an arrow pointing down
    3) This should give you a drop down list in the upper left corner
    4) Select "Info"
    5) You can select between your SD card and the memory of the phone to see how much memory is free

    If you have a lot of free memory - which you should - then you may have a corrupt calendar or contacts file.
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    I got this and was able to fix this using the program dbscan from pimlico software. the error message is misleading. It was not that the memory was full but 1 or 2 corrupt messages.

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