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    It seems like every time I log-on here(or other Treo forums) I'm reading about someone having some various major problem with their 650. Crashes, resets, and freezes appear to be frequent amongst the huddled Treo 650 masses, and I've even read about several people having to replace their beloved smartphone several times over. Alex L. Goldfayn of the Chicago Tribune even claims to be on his either 10th or 11th Treo(he can't recall precisely).

    I have never had any major problems with my 650. I estimate that I have to soft reset every other day or so, but that's about it. Based on what seems to be the norm for everyone esle, I guess I'm one of the lucky ones in that regard. I'm in the military, I travel around a lot, and my Treo has taken more than it's share of hard knocks, and it isn't any worse for the wear. I've dropped it several times - on concrete even - and it just keeps truckin' along. It gets beat up every morning as I accidentally knock it off the nightstand(and into the wall) when it's alarm goes off, as I attempt to shut it the hell up, and it just keeps on truckin' along. I fix aircraft for a living, and sometimes while out working on the plane, my coworkers(one of whom seems to 'stab' the screen when making his selections) and I will pass my 650 around and play Farkle with our grimey greasy hands, and after a good wipe down, it's just like new. Also, the only app that's crashed my Treo on any kind of consistent basis is RealPlayer, but that isn't much of a factor, as I switched to PocketTunes pretty early on. What apps have you guys had problems with?

    I know that I'm not the only one who hasn't had any major 650 problems. If you haven't really had any major problems either, chime in and let the rest of the Treo community know that we exist.
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    i've never have any major problem with my palm iiix, my sony sj-30, and now my treo 650. (sarcasm) i guess it must be a curse (/sarcasm).
    IIIx to Treo650. Now that's Quantum Leap.
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    All in all, I have not had any major problems with my 650 either. I did have to reset (or actually the phone would soft reset on its own) every day, but honestly it never got to the point where it more than a mere nuisance.

    It does everything that I NEED it to do. Does it do everything I want it to? No... but I fear that I will never find a pda/phone that can do that. I have kept my 650 for over a year now. Before that I had gone through 5 phones in less than 2 years.

    I just created my own Custom ROM and updated to the lastest firmeware thanks to the help of a lot of people on the forums and I am eager to check out what else I can fit on this thing.

    Oh, my only other complaint is the search low and high for a good bluetooth headset. After trying many (4-5) I have settled on the Plantronics Voyaher 510. It still isn't perfect... but I'm holding my breath for the reviews of the new Motorola coming out this week.

    I totally agree. My phone has been through quite a lot and is kicking like the day I got it. Here's to one more year... maybe.
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    I also had only few problems with my treo650. As I love to read much in forums like this (and nexave in german), I find a lot of suggestions and try some newer features, although I had no problems.
    On problem is - of course - the small amount of memory, and as I use my treo sometimes as a navigation system (with viamichelin4, which works exellent - if there is enough space ~ 10 MB) I always look to find help to save memory. So I played a lot with ZLauncher and moved many applications to card.
    My 2GB-Card is nearly full - so I took the plunge to install a custom rom with FAT32.
    All went well, I have no problems still, but a faster loading of my programs and data from card.
    I often play with my treo, but I need a stable one for my appointments and todos, my contact, my isilo-documents and much more. And it's stable. I love it.
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    Glad to see that I'm not the only one that hasn't suffered through any major problems. My 650 does everything I need it to do and more, personally. I've been looking into bluetooth headsets as well. You're talking about stereo headsets for phone calls and music, right?
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    I know what you mean. I DO wish the 650 featured a little more internal memory. Today was the first day EVER that I had to move an app to my memory card(and choosing the app to move was a hard decision indeed).
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    I can't remember the last time I had to soft-reset my 650, and I use it heavily, with a lot of third-party apps. Every week, I swap the battery for a freshly charged one, so it effectively gets a reset then, pop it in the cradle and HotSync it, and pull it out and carry on. I do turn the radio off at night, and I've gone back from the 1.20 software to 1.13, as the battery drain on 1.20 was unacceptable to me, but given how complex it is, my 650 has worked damn-near flawlessly for the best part of a year now. The only issue I have had is that the touchscreen isn't quite flat against the display, but it's been like that from new and isn't a major problem.

    And usually, if there are 200 perfectly working examples of a device in a shop, and one faulty one, the one I buy will be the one with the faults...
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    It's a sad statement when you can say that a malfunction like frequent daily resets is a minor problem. Mine occur on incoming calls- so I not only miss the call but have to wait impatiently for the damned thing to reset. I'm only biding my time until someone other than Palm makes a device like the T650 that actually works.
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    Appart from some tech problems when upgrading entirely due to my own stupidity I have hardly any resets and then only if I have badly paired it with the BT car kit (Parrot). All in, I find it stable and reliable, perhaps because I have not 'customised' it and only load well tried and trusted programmes. Spilling red wine on it which went under the screen was a tad inconvenient but is a hazard of being a wino:-) simply dismantled it and used a vacuum cleaner to suck out the offending alcohol from under the glass without any damage, such a waste of wine! Surprising how much is cramed inside the casing! At least it isn't a brick without reason unlike my desktop PC which is pretty vacant inside and such a waste of space! Why do they insist on taking up my valuable space with a fairly empty plastic monolith? Oh I do go on!
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    No major problems and only three (initiated by me) soft resets in over 1 year of use. (1 clean install to clear some software corruption.)

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    No major problems and only three (initiated by me) soft resets in over 1 year of use. (1 clean install to clear some software corruption.)

    Cheers, Perry.
    Looks like a periodic hard rest and s/w reinstall is needed to clear the cobwebs from the delicate attic of the treo's os!
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    Let's see ##377. Last reset was February 4th. So a reset 9 days ago. That would seem to be pretty typical. Now I fiddle with my 650 way too much. I'm always trying out the latest greatest software. Some work well some bring the Treo down frequently. I haven't been having problems with it for some time now. Am I happy with my gadget? There's nothing else out there I'd trade it for. I still have the first one I bought the day after the 650 became available in Austin.
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    Soft reset every couple of days. Bad headset jack on first one (very careful with the second one) Since deleting Docs to Go and going to Mobi OfficeSuite, no resets with documents.
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    No issues here....reset less often than weekly unless using TomTom on a long trip. If I have a long trip (90 minutes +) planned I do soft reset to clear things out before leaving "just in case".
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    I haven't had too many problems with my Treo 650 even after 1.20 update. But than again I don't use any hacks nothing that modifies keys or backlight. I rarely ever reset only if say Versamail locks up while trying to download email. The only weird thing is my phone always turns itself on at 12:09AM EST every night and it's bang on 12:09AM. Somtimes it just turns on and other times I've seen a white screen with a "Please Wait" dialog on it and after a minute or two it goes back to the default palm launcher.
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    the only time I get annoyed is when I have to re-pair the Treo BT headset. I do a soft reset less than twice a week -- half the time it's because I feel like maybe it's the right thing to do. am very careful about what I put on it, since stability is so important for me -- eg, I'd love to have custom rings and stuff like that, but CallFilter just doesn't seem to stable, and I'm not even really sure about Ringo.

    best thing is the open architecture -- if I get up the courage I'm about to hack my RAM.

    I'm frankly kind of amazed how useful this thing is -- contacts, scheduling, TomTom, e-readers, I'd have paid the same for something that did any two of those things AND was a phone, but all five is kind of amazing, and things like ptunes and handyshopper round out nicely.
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    All I can say is that I've had maybe two good phones, and three bad (something like that). The two good ones never reset or anything like that. The three bad either reset on their own for no reason, had the spongy "p" key, or the halradio error.

    If you find a good one, your all set.
    at&t Treo 680, SW 2.11-ATT
    Cingular Treo 650 Unlocked, SW 1.17-CNG/FW 1.51
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    I have not had any issues that I did not cause myself with all the apps and hacks I load.

    I like to tweak my toys...and I usualy pay for it
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    My Sprint/T650 is still working great. It's hit hard tile floors and concrete several times and even got wet in a torrential downpour in Lufkin, TX because I forgot it was clipped to my side on my belt.

    My Scala 500 headset still working great with the Treo.

    I do a soft reset with Powerup every few days and do a manual cache clearing when the cache fills up. I'm maintaining 13 mb in ram with most of the big apps on the 1 gig Lexar SD card.

    It's been a great device since Dec '04. Love this phone.

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    The reason you see so many problem posts is that people come to these forums if they need help with their Treo so a number of the posts will be from people having problems.

    Anyway, I've been trouble free since I got my 650 (4 months now) and I've even done a custom ROM.
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