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    Quote Originally Posted by The Solutor
    ...mmm, only 3 reset in one year I consider you an alien

    LOL . . . . . . .almost fell off my chair. . . glad I wasn't drinking anything!
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    glad I wasn't drinking anything!
    Come here to the olympics games, I will glad to buy you some drinks

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    Quote Originally Posted by skfny
    Perry, aren't you a power user? I didn't think any power users made it through a YEAR with three resets. I have 2 resets a day and I thought my setup was good...

    Care to list your apps once more?
    I don't know about Perry, but I concider myself a 'power' user. I charge my treo with DC 'power' from the DC outlet or AC 'power' from the inverter on my truck..

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    One thought about this . . . .

    I have been using a Palm PDA for 10 years now and many of the apps that I am using are over 3 to 5+ years old (Pocket Quicken, eReader, finCalc, MegaClock, MobileTS, RealPlayer, et cetera) and maybe thay are alittle more battle tested in their most recent revisions -- so they do not cause soft reset conflicts.

    Cheers, Perry
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    I've had my Treo 650 for ~4 months now. I've gone a max of six weeks without seeing a soft reset. It could go longer but then I try a new type of software and compare the top three products, generating several soft resets in the process.

    Right now the only app I use that will cause predictable soft resets is Blazer. If I try to visit a site that is just chock full of text data (>200kB) it will hork. That irritates me no end. I can read a freaking 3MB ebook just fine but a 210kB web page will let me see the PalmOne logo. If I cancel the download at ~185kB or so everything will be fine. I'd switch but I dislike Opera's interface & use of a remote proxy and Xiino horked on one of my regularly used websites.
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    Quote Originally Posted by calash
    I have not had any issues that I did not cause myself with all the apps and hacks I load.

    I like to tweak my toys...and I usualy pay for it
    I'm the same way. With a lot of great help here I can now do the custom ROM's which means my phone will be destroyed

    But I have had one program mess me up bad that took me a few days to uninstall but other than that nothing major that couldn't be fixed. And in all cases it's neither an issue with Palm or VZW.
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    the reason ppl have so many ppl have problems is cuz they put on hacks onto their treo with the rom and say just leave it alone and find updates from palm the end..they know best
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    Last crash: 7 November 2005
    Last manual soft reset: I think I rebooted in January when I locked up doing some DA Lookup.
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    No crashes after the last reinstall (after a zero-out reset).
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    Quote Originally Posted by santa
    Problem free since 1.20/GSM firmware.
    me too. snapper did reset the device. last week, but it was like 3 weeks between resets.

    before the update i had to soft reset the device everycouple of days because either ptunes ot kinoma wouldnt play a file.

    I havent had to soft reset since the 1.20.

    knock on wood.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skfny
    Perry, aren't you a power user? I didn't think any power users made it through a YEAR with three resets. I have 2 resets a day and I thought my setup was good...
    I have about 52 apps stored on the Treo according to Tracker Dog...used to be about 60 something.....but no snapper, no chatter, no xino, no butler, no goodlink, no xpress mail. STill have some big programs (VoiceDial, D&EA, TomTom). Only thing I do is do a pre-emptive soft reset before doing a long trip with TomTom. Don't know if it is necessary but have seen some off behavior and do this as precautionary measure.
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    My Treo just crashed after I plugged it in. No joke.
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    I have had my 650 for over 6 months now... No major problems other than ocassional soft resets when the treo was paired with my Acura TL and I would attempt an outgoing call. After I upgraded to 1.20 I have had no resets at all...

    650 GSM Unlocked
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    I got my original VZW Treo the day VZW released it. When 1.03 Updater came out, I followed the instruction to the letter, & ended up frying that one.

    I called to do a warranty swap, & was sent an FRU replacement- (or thats what they told me!!! I don't know if it'd been out long enough for FRU's to be available).

    Anyways, the FRU arrived w/ the original 1.01 version- (although I was specifically told the FRU would have 1.03, but whatever!!!)

    The FRU felt a bunch more solid. To this day, I'm still running 1.01. I don't wanna jinx this again, & my T650 performs flawlessly, so until I see a REAL need to update... 1.01 is where I'll stay!!!
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    I have not had any issues ever since I went to the VZW 650. I went through 5 Cingular 650's and they always seemed to have issues that were really annoying. I got my VZW 650 back in Nov 2005 and the only time I really have any issues is if I play with it or try and make it do something it isn't designed to. I loaded my launcher app on it and got Opera Mini and Verichat and Chatter, and no problems at all. I do a reset manually about once a day or so, more for the signal issues, cause it resets you back on the network when you do a reset.
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