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    I finally threw down to purhcase missing sync tonight and i synced it up to my mac and now i'm having a few issues

    -duplicate contacts... do i have to by "undupe" to eliminate this?"

    - how do i sync my ical stuff to my fone, etc...

    any help would be awesome... just tryng to get this dialed and it seems so hard.... as far as syncing, what should i create folders for, etc etc....

    any help is awesome and i'm sure this will help other newbs...

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    If your Address Book and iCal are up to date, you may want to consider backing those databases up and re-syncing. When you sync, make sure the conduit settings for each is set to have the desktop overwrite the handheld in Missing Sync.

    This is assuming you have Missing Sync 5.0 and Mac OS 10.4.

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