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    #1) Can you dial from a BT headset with a 700w ? I can with my i730 but i'm about to switch.

    #2) I'm looking for a BT headset that STAYS PUT ! Appealing form factor is a help as well. Battery life not so important, dont need or want caller id etc.
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    Plantronics 640 - works great - great form factor - small and lightweight. In addition - neat pen sized portable charger, as well as various adapters for car charging. Plus, redial and various other functions work great from headset.
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    Also - it is the best fitting ear piece I have tried and I have tested Jabra 250, Jabra 800 (or is it 850, I forget), Sony 610 & 660.
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    The New Motorola 605 Headset Has The Same Sound Quality Problems They All Have. The Far End Person You Talk To Will Here Poor Quality Audio At Best. This Is A Known Problem With The 700 Series Treo's And Is Not Going Away. Palm Knows Most People Will Not Figure This Out And Will Never Admit To The Other Reliability Problems With The 700 Series. They Just Expect Us To Keep Buying Them Or Replacing Them With No Real Fixes. I Am On My 3rd 700 And I Use It As A Full Time Buisness Tool As They Advertise But Its Far To Unreliable For That. How Lazy They Have Become.

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