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    I just purchased a Treo 650, and I have Cingular. Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

    1-Setup VPN, I got Mergic and tried to connect to the VPN but it does not connect. When I looked at the log I can see that it finds my VPN router and tries to connect but then disconnects. I have a Buffalo VPN router with PPTP setup on it. That PPTP connection works beautiful from my laptop.

    2-I need to access my internal exchange server and corporate calendar and coroporate contacts. Using Cingular's Xpress mail software I was only able to access the corp contacts but not the calander. They are both under public folder. Now I have two other options or Any of you guys have been successful using either of these apps? If I can get these apps working then I wouldn't have to worry about the VPN.

    3-Last I know there is a wifi card for Treo 700 is there a way for me to connect my 650 to a wifi network?
    Any help would be appreciated.
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    I do not know about the first two, but a search on these forums will yield info on wifi.

    My best advice is to not ask too many questions in one thread (separate them). Also, search the forums before asking. The answer is probably there.

    Good luck!
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    Here's some advice: don't put any software on your Treo. That way it might actually work without resetting itself constantly.
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    1. For VPN you are going to need a PDA plan which is NOT the MediaNet $19.95 plan but the $39.96 plan.

    2. Have no neeed for those programs so can't help ya.

    3. Same as 2.

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