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    I changed the name of my SD card, and since then Media isn't syncing anymore. The media is still on the card, but it no longer appears in Palm Desktop.

    Any ideas how I fix this?

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    What's your Hotsync log say?
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    Change the name back to the old one.
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    Strange, when I changed the name, the Palm Desktop recognized the new one and showed tabs for both.

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    The Hotsync log doesn't say anything out of the ordinary. Just 'OK Media.'

    This problem has been bugging me for quite a while. At this point, I have no record of the card's original name. It was something along the lines of SanDisk Model Number x.

    I don't have tabs for any of the cards in Palm Desktop. Even the media stored on the Treo's internal memory is no longer syncing.
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