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    I'm going to release PalmWOL, a Wake Up On Lan utility for Palm OS.

    a beta is already available. if you are interested on testing it, go here, subscribe the support group, download the beta and comment it.
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    Care to provide a little more information on what this application can do?
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    the app can wake up computers remotely by sending them a so called magic packet.

    the magic packet is sent through a tcp/ip connection to the computer network card.

    in order to work, both the network card and the computer bios must support the wake up on lan (WOL) feature. all you have to know is the network card MAC address (such as 4D:41:54:52:4F:21) and its assigned IP address (subnet broadcast address is ok too, such as

    there are many WOL clients on different platforms, this is the one for Palm OS based devices.

    I tested it both by connecting to my LAN from the Internet through a Palm VPN app and by connecting through a workstation of mine via USB and Bluetooth (by using Softick PPP): once defined a computer ("host") and its settings, select it, tap on "Send WOL" and watch it waking up and booting!
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    This sounds like a very useful tool. I'm on of those freaks who uses WOL to remote power on my PC at home. I'm interested in trying it to see if the magic packet gets through Cingular's Media net router.
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    PalmWOL works as long as you have a tcp/ip stack available in your PDA (ie. the NetLib present on OS 3 and later, still got to test on previous OS releases).

    however, there are other barriers to overcome: if you have your PDA connected to your LAN (WiFi for example) there should be no problems at all. if it's connected to one of the workstations either through USB, Bluetooth or the like, the computer must properly broadcast network packets. during my tests, I found this doesn't work through a standard BT dongle, but for example Softick PPP makes a good job and it works. if you connect through the Internet, firewall\router specific configurations must be applied.
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    Version 1.0 has been released. go here for more.
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