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    I have had problems recieving text messages and Orange (after three weeks of waiting) in there wisdom have advised me to perform a hard reset and then restore everything apart from the SMS database. Unfortunately Technical Support failed to explain to Customer Service how to go about this and as a mere customer I'm not allowed to speak directly to them (I imagine for fear of them blowing my mind). Would it not be possible to simply erase the SMS database? As I would like to avoid another three week wait, would anyone be kind enough to advise? I'm using Missing Sync and I backup to my SD card with BackupBuddy VFS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.....
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    Yeah, just use filez and delete/move the smdb from ram...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Yeah, just use filez and delete/move the smdb from ram...
    What is the name of the sms database in RAM?

    I have a corrupt sms message that is causing a reset and I just want to delete the sms database.
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    Look for the file called Messages_Database.

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