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    just as itunes syncs with an ipod for a certain playlist, can the treo be set up the same way? How about wmp?
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    Check here:

    Ptunes can sync wma via Win Media player...
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    I'd like to transfer selected MP3s from iTunes to ptunes. Going through Windows Media Player would be OK with me, especially if I could script it somehow. Among other available tools I have Salling Clicker, and I'm comfortable writing JScript for that interface.

    Any ideas on how to get started with the iTunes->Windows Media Player choreography?

    I would like to perform the resulting MP3 file transfers via Bluetooth. At present the computer running iTunes is not a machine which I hotsync to my Treo.
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    The Missing Sync allows for iTunes syncronization. You've got a specific playlist (that you can alter at will) in iTunes which TMS puts onto your Treo (SD card normally). That playlist ends up as just music files that you can access from your Treo's player (Ptunes, RealPlayer, whatever).
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    Ooops, sorry, The Missing Sync is for Macs, I guess I posted above without realizing that you could be using Windows.
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    I use MassStorsync -

    It lets you create a playlist in iTunes (for Windows) that can be sync'd to Pocket Tunes. Works especially well if you have Softick Card Export II, though using a regular card reader works too.

    With the FAT32 upgrade, and a 4GB SD card that is dedicated to music, you can have upwards of 1200+ songs on your Treo

    I guess the only hangup I have with the program is that you can only create 1 playlist in iTUnes that will sync with the Treo, so creating usable playlists within the Treo can be a bear.
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    Yes, but the Treo will still not work with iTunes unlimited download subscription correct? This only works with indivudially purchased songs, right? My understanding always was that P-tunes was not compatible with i-tunes.
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    I was talking syncing an iTunes mp3 playlist to the Treo and pTunes. So in that respect, iTunes works well with pTunes.

    Songs that you download from the iTunes music store (m4p's) can't be sync'd, pTunes won't recognize the m4p format (any mp3 player won't recognize the format). As far as I know, only iPods can read m4p's. So.....does anyone know of a stable m4p to mp3 converter?

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