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    Ok.. I have been trying and trying to use real player, windows media player, itunes, pocket tunes. Nothing will upload mp3s to my palm phone. It says that there is no device connected. So the instructions inform me that i need to sync. So I use my USB sync and it does not activate in real player, or windows media to allow it to transfer the mp3s to my 1 gig sd card.

    For instance when using real player I add mp3s to my selected device (which says palmone handheld (card))

    My problem is that it says transfer status "WILL NOT FIT" but that is a lie I have a gig card with practically nothing on it. (it has 800mb available). When I try to connect the device it says:

    To begin trasferring, you must have your device connected and files queued.

    Please contact you rdefice and add clips before attempting to transfer.

    So when I sync it does not read it in real player.. or Windows media player. What am I doing wrong?
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    How are you trying to transfer files? If you have a card reader, you can just drag and drop most files into the card. With iTunes, you need to use a special program (Mass Storage Synchronizer).

    At least that's how I do it. But I am not an expert by any means...
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    i have an sd card also..i drag and drop cuz i have a built in reader on my laptop...are you sure your changing the destination to 'SD card' instead of the phone?
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    inside of real player when I look at my devices I have:

    selected device (which says palmone handheld (card))

    Is there a program I am missing or something? I dont get why it wont read my phone??? It just says:

    "To begin trasferring, you must have your device connected and files queued.

    Please contact your defice and add clips before attempting to transfer. "
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    So I cant use my treo to transfer files to and from my SD card? I have to buy a SD card reader?
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    Honestly, I don't know. I've never heard of being able to transfer directly through your music app. But again, my knowledge is pretty limited. I wonder if maybe it's trying to put the files directly on your phone and not the SD card (i.e. not enough room).
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    this is what was happening.. i was putting music on my sd card but no in the right folder for real player to see it. So I got that. Now is there a program out there that will override the ringer that comes with the treo 650 so I can play an mp3 as my ringer? I tried with butler but it doesnt seem to work..
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    Try Ringo.
    Treo, I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yeah, try Ringo out. It's aight. Whatever you do though, switch to PocketTunes as soon as possible. RealPlayer sucks. I LOVE that I can listen to internet radio stations with PocketTunes.
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    really? does it cost you money because of the data transfer?
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    Did you create an "Audio" folder on your card ?
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    yea.. got real player taken care of.. I was wondering to have the streaming radio from pocketunes do you need to be connected to the net?
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    Where else are you going to stream from?
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    Yeah, you're connected to the net while streaming. But if you have an unlimited data plan like I do(because all of Sprint's phones come with them stock), it doesn't matter. And you'll literally have hundreds upon hundreds of stations to listen to whenever the hell you feel like it.

    Also, with PocketTunes you don't have to put your music in a specific folder - just add your tunes to your card and they'll show up in the PocketTunes directory. ALSO, you can alter the way PocketTunes looks. Mine looks like an iPod

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