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    Okay, I may be missing the big E on the eye chart here, so someone feel free to let me know if this is already an option and I've somehow glossed over it:

    I am using 4cast as a plugin for 2day (both of which I love, by the way), registered both, and then noticed the other day when I jumped on plane and turned my phone off that 4cast attempted to turn my phone on at 35k feet when its update period rolled around.

    While I love the fact 4cast auto-updates, it seems like there should at least be an option to delay/skip an update attempt if the phone is turned off... thoughts?
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    It can't actually turn it on. I think it tries to connect a few times then times out until the next scheduled update. Alternately, if the phone is not off but is busy, it will wait until the device is available.

    But I seem to remember this being an old issue. Do you have the most current version from the beta page at ?
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    I just grabbed the latest beta. I had been using the latest 'official' release, which is 1.65 (012). Per the change log, it looks like this issue was fixed in the 012 build, but we'll see if it clears up with the newest build... thanks for the suggestion to check out the beta page. Updated 2day as well...

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