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    I have one dead pixel which is fine when looking at the home screen..but when i play games, watch movies, or use the camara, i have ONE dead pixel..its not a big deal..but its kinda there any way it could be fixed?
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    I don't think so (short of the screen being replaced.) Does it really make a big deal?
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    A dead pixel could be an indication of the beginning of something known as "screen creep" which will only get worse as time progresses. If your phone is still under warranty, call your provider in order to have a replacement phone sent.

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    Folks sometimes suggest that you can just "rub it out" ( ), and others suggest that high-speed cycling through the display colors will help.

    You might try searching here for "stuck pixel" instead of dead.

    Good luck.
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    yea, is it stuck or dead?

    Stuck means its still displaying a color, just not the correct one. Can you SEE the pixel? Is it displaying anything? If so, you're in luck. I've had tremendous success with "unsticking pixels"...

    There are programs that will flash a lot of different colors rapidly to try and unstick the pixel, or like the guy above me said, you can also rub them out. I always try the program way first because i would rather not have to apply direct hard pressure to my beloved screen...
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    thanks...hmm..about that creeping thing...when i take pictures..sometimes theres a green light that comes long the line where the dead pixel is (rarely happens) that a sign?
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    I also have heard of the bizzard "massage" treatment, didn't work on my 17" LCD though. But you can try the old in-out in-out.
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    How long have you had the phone? If you just bought it (or bought it very recently) then I would fight to have it replaced. If you've had it a while and it just popped up then you'll have to ask if it's worth it to replace it yourself. Unless you have insurance, it might cost a good percentage of what a new Treo would cost (maybe now's a good time to splurge for insurance -cough cough).

    FYI..on a related note, if you have stuck pixels (not dead ones, as the description mistakenly claims) on your PC's LCD screen you can use UDPix to try and fix it. Freeware. Too bad there's not a version for PalmOS.
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    hmm damn i really wish that UDPix would work on my palm..i dont think its a dead pixel..cuz its fine when im on the home screen and stuff..but it only affects apps and stuff..i bought it from ebay..seller said it was used for about a month..and theres 11 months left on the warranty
    Running an Unlocked Cingular Palm Treo 650 with an AT&T Sim
    *1GB SanDisk SD Card

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