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    I hope I am posting this in the right forum, if not sorry mods please move.
    I did a search and couldn't find this issue.
    This week at work we moved over to the Exchange server of our National office, everything went real good, just a few being all syncing software had to be removed and reinstalled. Our office has 3 palm users, one Sony Clie, 1 HP handheld and 2 Dells. So I had to work on palm, activesync and intellisync...yeah it was a fun day....any way we have 2 part time people using one machine and one has a palm and the other a dell....the thing I am wondering before I set this up is if they will both run on the same machine without conflicts....I didn't get to this and figured I'd save my self some headaches if I tried to figure this out before I started.
    Thanks for anyone who can help me with this.

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    Definitely a bad idea. they will create quite a mess; however, if u set up seperate user profiles on ur comp u could switch btween the 2.

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