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    My Unlocked Treo (bought in US) freeze ever so often (6-7 times a day) using T-Mobile CZ SIM. This never happens before upgrade, but then I found out recently that the phone worked flawlessly using Cingular SIM in frozen phone, no resets during my trip for 7 long days. The problem came back as soon as I'm back in CZ with T-Mob..though not severe, it is still pretty annoying. Strangely...frequency of freezing is less with Vodafone SIM. make everything short...I found the problem, but not the solution.....any advice guys???

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    I was planning on taking another trip to CZ this year and was just wondering if you have any info on SIMs I can use in the area.

    I have a cingular 650, should I be looking for a T-Mob SIM to use in prague?

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    I have seen posts in threads that talk about certain SIM cards that are incompatible with the 650.

    Do a search and you should find what you need.
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    T-Mobile SIM is fine with your unit, but it may freeze if you leave it unused for more than 3hrs. But, it could be my SIM because mine is 3 years old and might not be compatible.

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    I actually had the same issue with the FREEZE with my Treo...
    But that was before I unlocked it.

    Now it is unlocked but Im afraid to go back to the 1.20 because of the freeze

    but now it doesnt matter cuz my phone gets stuck all the time...

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