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    I have movie maker on my treo 600 and I can get 10 second clips witch looks awsome but how can I put movies from my PC to the SD to watch in my Treo?
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    Search the Palm OS Multimedia forum. They have lots of suggestions on how to watch movies on your treo.
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    the program TCMP is free software . do a gogle search. i use it when i had 600.
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    I finally got it, I can watch dvd's on my treo 600 now. I can also put dvd's on SD cards to watch later. It is so great it's like having a dvd player without all the bulky dvd's thanks to a few suggestions I got here. I'm no genius so I found an easy way to do it. Now I'm thinking about putting some movies on SD cards.
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    Congratulations! It is good that you are enjoying it.
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    What software do you use to watch the movies?

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    This works great for the Treo 600 with hot sync cable and SD cards
    Here's my step by step from down loads to movies watch.

    1. First download the TCPMP from my documents
    2. Now down load the pocket dvd studio from my documents
    3. google to find Xvid install and down my documents
    4. google to pilot install and down my documents
    5. Install the all on your PC
    6. Open pocket dvd studio and it will tell how to record the movie.
    Keep in mind it will only record 5 to 10 minutes but stay with me cause I
    am gonna tell you how to do the whole movie.
    7. when it stops hot okay but do not close the window
    8. the 10 min. clip will be on your desk top
    9. drag it to my documents and change the name to 01
    10.Now go back to dvd studio and hit record it will do the next 10 min.
    11. reapeat steps 7,8,9 untill all the clips are numbered and in my documents

    Now to put them on your treo

    1. Open pilot install and hit add to card
    2. In the browse box open my documents
    3. double click on 01 and it will now be in the install box
    4. repeat untill all the numbers 01,02,03,04 etc. are in there
    5. Now hit your hot sync on the treo and you should see it start going
    1% the 2% and so on.
    6. When it done the movie will be on your 256mb card

    To watch tghe movie

    1. Go to TCPMP and open it
    2. Hit the TCPMP in the upper left carner
    3. hit open files
    4. hit DCIM
    5. Check all the boxes
    6. then hit okay
    7. hit play and enjoy your movies

    To pause you hit play
    To change volume hit Pref

    It's work but when it's done it is awsome. Now that I know how to put dvd's on SD cards I looking to get some SD Cards to try to do a bunch of movies .

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