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    I'm thinking of purchasing Blue Nomad's BackupBuddy VFS software to backup my Treo to my expansion card. I want to use a card exclusively for that and was wondering what size y'all may recommend. I want to get the smallest I need, just to save on $$. Does it store multiple backups? I'm assuming I wouldn't need more than 64MB, but you never know.

    Also, would there be any other suggestion to use, instead of BackupBuddy VFS? I noticed a review on the Nomad Suite online and downloaded it to try it out. I like the RemoveIT, BackupBuddy VSF, and the Backup program for the desktop. I could do without the information storage thing, I think it's called SwordFish.

    Well, thanks in advance.
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    64 will work, but don't you use a card for anything else like programs or mp3's? Resco Backup works good for me and many and can run on a schedule.
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    My backup files are about 17mb each. So just about any size card would be big enough for one or two files but, like the previous poster said, you probably want to get a bigger card for music, apps, etc.
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    I've got a 1GB for everything else. I wanted a seperate one, just in case something happens while it's IN the Treo. Also, I'd be able to fill up the little card slots on my case, kind of help me to justify the cost .
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    I just don't see the need for a separate backup card. I don't recall anyone loosing data on their card from a crash of their Treo. Also, when you hotsync, it backs up your Treo. If you lost your Treo with the card, then you could just restore the new one from a hotsync. The main advantage of a backup on a card is to have it with you if your Treo crashes, or if you want to load something new and then restore the old settings.
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    I just bought a 2Gig card, but all you really need is a 64Meg card. Don't forget, if you ever replace your device with something that has more memory, you might need a 128 or 256Meg card instead.

    Small sd cards are cheep. I would get the biggest one I could find for the money you have to spend.
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    You guys aren't helping! I was wanting to purchase a second card, so I could put one in the card slot on my case. I was just trying to justify it!

    Ha, seriously, so y'all think I should just use the one I'm currently using? I've got about 200MB left one it. It's mostly music and a dumb clip from Ferris Bueller's Day Off (trying out the video thing). I guess I thinking of it like a computer. You wouldn't back up your hard drive to a second hard drive. If the house caught fire, both your backups would be gone.
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    You wouldn't back up your hard drive to a second hard drive. If the house caught fire, both your backups would be gone.
    As a matter of fact, most people don't even back up their computer. However, if they do, standard backup practice is to back up to a second hard drive so if one goes bad, you will have a copy. Most people would not store their home computer backups "offsite." Sure if there is a fire you are sol, but life is about chances and probabilities.
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    I don't back up my computer. I have an awesome DVD drive, a stack of black DVD-RWs, but no software to back it up to. I want to buy the new Retrospect, but, this contraption called a Treo is taking up quite a bit of my disposable income. I should slow down; I'm going to get bored with it once I get all the apps and accessories I want.

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