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    Yesterday I'm on the phone when it goes dead. I look and there's a blank screen. I do a soft reset and it goes to the locked phone page (I don't have it set to do that) I try to enter my password and the screen goes blank. After several tries I'm able to get in. I go to turn the radio on and there is no responce. Tried several more times, nothing. Do a hard reset:| Still no respone to radio. Set my new brick down and walk away. 30 min latter I try again, the radio comes on BUT I can't connect to the internet, I check prefs > network and find it blank with no choices in the drop down. Hard reset again, radio work - still no network but options are there, select Sprint PCS and try to connect, now password isn't reconized. I change it to my password nothing. I have to go to Sprint's web site to change it. Phone hotsync:s fine and with in 5 min I can connect without problem. Then 2 times last night I caught my phone o "updating" itself from Sprint.

    SOOOO what to hey is this all about?

    Should I go th the store?

    BTW it's a branded Sprint Tréo 600
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    Send it to the store to see if they run diagnostics on it. Sounds like its dying. Good Luck.

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