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    Ok, I just got the 650 and am having a few problems with Versa Mail.
    I've set up my gmail account and when I click get it doesn't recieve any of the emails in my account. When i try to send and email i get a warning the says530 5.7.0 must issue starttls command first c1sm246701.

    Does anybody know what is goin on. I've read some post about gmail and noticed that it will only get the messages that haven't been recieved by my desktop pop. Is there anyway around this?

    please help
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    ok. if i make my gmail account offline on my desktop I can recieve emails, but when i try to send I am still recieving that same error message.

    It says 530.5.7.0 must issue starttls command first 40sm2513181nzf
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    First, make sure your username in the account settings for that account is your full email address. Also, make sure that you have enabled POP access in your gmail account (how to enable POP access in gmail), and that you have remembered to click "Save Changes" after you enable it.

    Next, you need to edit that account in Versamail, and keep clicking next until you get to the screen that says, "Basic setup for your mail account is completed."

    Once there:

    1. Click on the "Advanced" button
    2. Delete the Port number for the Incoming Server Settings, and make it 995
    3. Check the box that says "Use Secure Connection (SSL)"
    4. Leave the second box (APOP) UNCHECKED
    5. Click NEXT
    6. Under "Outgoing Server Settings", change the Port number to 587
    7. Check both boxes (SSL & ESMTP)
    8. Make sure the Username has your gmail email address filled in, and the password field says, "assigned" (if it does not say "assigned", click on it and enter your password
    9. Click DONE!

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