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    I've recently flashed my Treo with a custom Sprint 1.13a ROM I put together, and everything but BackupBuddyVFS Pro is working correctly. The new ROM uses the FAT32 prc. I've read several threads where people have BBVFS listed as working in ROM, but everytime I try to run a backup it just crashes. I've formatted my SD card in FAT 16 and 32 on both on my laptop using WindowsXP and on the Treo using the Card Info app. BackupBuddy does not even make it to the end of the first file before crashing. I've even done a hard reset and tried to run a backup afterwards, but it still crashes.

    This is the first time I have tried running it from ROM. Anyone have any ideas on what else I could try?
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    Try running the copy from your SD card and see if that works. If it does, then you've got a problem with running from ROM. If it doesn't work running from the card, then your problem is with the card formatting or with the app interacting with the new file system.

    If it does work from the card, you might later try copying it to RAM and running there. (PalmOS will run the copy from RAM rather than ROM when there is a copy - that's how things like the tweaked control panels (old BT DUN hack and Phone_SPCS overlays work.)

    BTW - I have the Sprint 1.13a + Fat32.prc ROM and BackupBuddy 3.2.15 (I'm pretty sure that's not the latest version though) runs just fine for me from RAM. I don't use it anymore because recent versions have been painfully slow (5-15minutes for a backup!), but I loaded it up off of my SD Card archive folder and it works fine.
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    Backup Buddy needs to be in RAM and on the SD card to work correctly. It cannot work in ROM. I tried it in my newest ROM image to no avail, took it out, along with Pocket Tunes.
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    The latest version of BackupBuddy does not seem to work in ROM. I have had all earlier versions in ROM with no problems. I tried this latest one and each time I try to run it, I get a reset. I took it out of ROM and it works fine.
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    Well since two people say it doesn't work in ROM and no one else is posting to refute that, I will go with NO, it doesn't work in ROM. Thanks!

    Now for those that are maintaining the lists of what apps work in ROM, please remove BBVFS, or put a disclaimer that all but the current version works.
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    I only keep it on the sd not in fine and saves some 300+K
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