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    Friend just got a treo 650 for verizon...i have one for cingular

    can i not send him my contacts via bluetooth or beam?! i have both beam receive on and bluetooth on on both fones, but its just not the files get recognized differently because its different firmware? that would sure suck...takes away like half of the functionality of the send functions if you can only send to similar carriers and laptops and such

    also, i assume that hotsync wont work for his fone? verizon uses intellisync or something?

    any posts where there are lists of what can be used on verizon vs cingular fones? software or functions?

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    Go to pages 129-131 of your Cingular manual. It's cover in great detail.

    If you lost it, look here:

    Your friend can look here:

    Hotsync works with every Palm Device. Intellisync is a 3rd party fact te only softare I have ever returned. ANy program that works on a Congular will work on Verizon...what may change is the apps provided.
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    thanks for the response - i havent gotten the IR send or bluetooth send to work with his Treo - it appears that one of our IR ports is broken, and no explanation with the BT...
    but i was able to give him a bunch of contacts using hotsycn and copying my contacts into another account with palm desktop - real handy app

    verizon wanted to charge a fee of something like $20 to copy his contacts from old fone to new - really crummy, i love sim cards in that respect

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