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    hi there,

    I have a TIM branded Treo 650; some time ago I updated it with 1.13 ROW and it started to have the freeze and other issues since then.

    now 1.20 is out, even the TIM branded one, but unfortunately once launched the updater the following error appears:

    "your non branded gsm device revision 1.13 cannot be updated to a telecom italia mobile device revision 1.20"

    it seems it detects the device as an unbranded one, because of my last update with 1.13 ROW.

    is there a way to force the updater to bypass the device type check?
    if not, is there any other solution?

    please help, thank you.
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    bump, please help :-(
    matro 180->270->600->650->750v->680->Pro
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    Check your PM.
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