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    WHat is going on? I have had trouble the last few days. I get no response at all. From my treo. I try doing a soft reset. Using the stylus and get no response. I also have tried pressing every button 10-15 times and i get get no response. The treo is totally lock up until I take out the battery.

    Please help

    I hit #*377 and this is the error I get:

    systemcompatibility.c,Line:64, Invalid card #

    what does that mean and how can I fix the 650
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    Have you installed any new programs recently? That could be the problem, or some files have gotten corrupted. As a last resort, try a hard reset, then reinstall one program at a time.
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    Not responding to a "poke by the stylus" sounds serious (hardware problem).

    How about removing and re-inserting the battery? Looks like that does cause a reset. I would have thought that the stylus method is the same thing (internal switch)..

    I think a hard reset is the way to go.
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    I found out it is not the pda part, its not the phone part, it seems to be the setting of Tmobile internet. I changed it to Tzones and it is fine now.
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    Nope that wasn't it. It must be a hardware problem I have done a few hard resets. After about 4 mins my ks up and nothing works. I guess I will call Palm monday. It all started right after I did the latest update.
    Wonder if downgrading will help?
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    You could try re-flashing to the latest firmware, starting from a hard-resetted Treo.

    Better to get it exchanged, IMO.
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    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    I think i'll try that when I go home. When I press #*377 it says "<unknown application>" Fatal Exception. I wonder it it could be the Battery? I have the Mugen Power 2200mah. The way things go for me I bet it is the phone.

    Has anyone ever had a replacment sent to them from Palm that was defective? That's just weird.

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