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    I have both Teal backup and Back up Buddy VFS. I want to know whether they should be installed to ROM or the card.

    When I moved them with ZLAUNCHER or installed in the card, they do not seem to do auto backup.

    But when I installed to ROM and if something happens to data, then the restore does not work.

    I have a few unexpected hard reset or some time all the saved pref and registrations a re lost suddenly.

    In that case, either (the program) it is lost, or they say they that they are not registered and a backup was never done.

    I hope that I am clear enough. Thanks a lot in adavance.
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    I have not used either of those programs. I use BackupMan from Bits'n'Bolts. It installs a copy of itself on the SD card to be used if the copy in RAM gets deleted. I do know that any backup program will have to be in RAM to do a scheduled backup.
    I have seen several references to BackupBuddyVFS in these forums with usually good remarks. Do a search.
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    BackBuddy VFS

    Install in both RAM and on Card.
    Card copy is required if RAM copy is lost and you need to do a restore.

    RAM install is required for Auto operations.

    Cheers, Perry

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