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    I searched the forum but could not find a solution to my problem.

    I have a Cingular 650 with 1.17 and have just installed the Bluetooth kit in a 325ci. everything works fine except for the phonebook.

    When I go to Drectory all it shows are the two double arrows top and bottom and it flashes "Please Wait", but nothing is ever tranferred. I removed all of my speed dial numbers except two and made sure that they did not have any extra digits.

    Is there anything else I can try?

    I tried an old v600 I had and the phonebook was transferred without a problem.
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    It's a known issue. Mine is locked Cingular vs. 2005 X5. You will not have access to your Treo phonebook, just your speed dial (favorites) buttons. In my case I simply loaded up on the favorites buttons and set up many voice dial numbers in my X5. If I had to look for a number from my 500+ contacts, it's probably still easier to do it on the Treo and dial from there, after which the BMW BT will pick up the call anyway.
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