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    I have Treo 650 GSM Unlocked and using cingular services.
    I just got myself a BMW 330i.
    How do I get the BLuetooth working between hte two? I have updated to 1.20.ENA.
    PLEASE HELP !!!!!
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    Some successes and difficulties for both GSM and CDMA users from the select links (note: links below are setup for mobile version) below:
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    1.43/1.14 - BMW Bluetooth Works!!!
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    Suggest you try the BMW or the roadfly link stated by bmwguy on the last thread.
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    made some progress. There were no instructions how to turn on BT in BMW 330i. Found out how to do it. tried to pair it. treo found BMW BT . It asked to put passkey in Treo. Entered 0000, said Ok. Asked to enter the same key in BMW. entered 0000. Now I do not know how to say OK in BMW - It could be my ignorance. But After entering 0000, and no ok etc, Treo errored out saying could not pair.

    I know it can be done as there are lot of success stories on the internet. Any helpill be appreciated.
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    You can try here or other posts on that board.
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    I have an unlocked Treo 650 GSM with T-Mobile and a 2006 BMW 330i (bought 8/2005). They work great together. I originally paired with the older ROMs, but 1.20ENA enables the signal strength to show on the BMW!

    Do you have the nav package or not? I believe on the nav LCD display you can get to a bluetooth pairing menu. I don't have the nav display just the standard stereo. It's been a long time but if I remember what I did was:

    1.) Turn on accessories. In a manual car you insert key, leave clutch engaged and press start.
    2.) In less than you 2 minutes after doing this you need to start the pairing. Go to the bluetooth app, click setup devices, then click on the hands free button and follow the steps. I don't remember if I needed to OK on the BMW, but I think it's done by pressing the right stereo button in. On a nav system, I think you press the nav controller button "in" (push down) to do an OK.

    A good resource for BMW e90 info are the forums at They have a bluetooth section there.
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