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    Is there any way to get BT pairing to occur with Address Book, so you can dial via address book and get the on screen notification of incoming calls ? Used to work great with my SE T616, now OS X says no services supported
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    As far as I know, you can't because Palm didn't make the "phone" part of the Treo behave like a regular cellular phone thus it doesn't offer all the bluetooth services a regular phone offers. The only thing I've been able to do is send it contacts from address book. I looked into this when I first got my treo months back and was really dissapointed. If you need a good syncing program with your Mac may I recommend Markspace's MissingSync
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    The address book/bluetooth integtration is a great feature. I wish it worked on my new MacBook Pro and Treo 650, but it does not.

    Anybody know if it works on the Treo 700+ models? I'm not going to upgrade to the tune of $500 for this feature, but I will get a new one someday...
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    why would you need to pair w address book if you can sync palm's cal with mac's ? all contacts in my mac are on my palm
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    I travel with my MacBook Pro and Treo frequently, it would be great if i could see who was calling on my Mac screen without having to dig out my treo, and likewise being able to dial/sms with a click from Address Book would be very efficient.
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    I'm a Treo (650) newbie but a seasoned mac/palm user. Just upgraded to Treo from Zire 71 (and a Sony-Ericsson T610 phone).

    I'm mildly devastated to learn that this particular feature of mac-BT is not possible with the Treo. I think it's one of the most fantastic secret gems of OSX. The best bit of all is being able to use your full size keyboard to do texting. (Really makes my Windoze friends' jaws drop too.) The Treo is fantastic, but I'll miss this feature a lot.

    Unfortunately I'm no geek, so no chance of even attempting to create some software that might add this feature to the Treo (assuming it's even possible to do so). Does anyone know whether it can be done? Anyone doing it?

    Failing that maybe I'll have to investigate some of those dashboard widgets that do SMS (but you have to pay extra for each message, I think).

    Sad ...
    Lance <))><
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    I wish it was possible with the current Treo's, Palm OS at least.

    It might work with Windows Mobile Treo's like the 750 and 700wx?
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