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    Anyone have this problem? When I'm in Blazer or Eudora Web and an email comes in and I get the notifiction, exiting to go to Chatter or phone or Zlauncher ohten resets the 650 (Sprint 1.12). ##377# always says it's web or Eudora or unknown app that caused the reset.
    I get a lot of emails and all these resets are getting old.

    Anyone else with this problem? Anyway around it? I have 10MB free memory.
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    I like to add that this started happening with recent (2 months) versions of Chatter. I installed an old version of Chatter and do not get any resets. I emailed Marc and he says no one else has this problem.
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    i had a similar problem that was being caused by backupman. I now only use BBVFS and no problems!
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    Funny - I had it with an older version (1.0.something) a lot. I recently upgraded to and I hardly see it at all.

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