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    How did this ever become the "official" place to download palm software?

    1. The server sucks. I get errors half the time, and it's REALLY slow the rest of the time....
    2. The search sucks. You can't even enter multiple words effectivly, or use booleans. I usualy end up browsing for what I want if I don't know the name of it.

    unfortunatly it IS the best place to get software- but they should get their act together.

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    As a fairly new Prism owner from Christmas, I was going in there to get some software and documentation. Looks like everyone else got a handheld for Christmas or thier servers suck, or both.
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    My local Staples store had sold out of all makes of PDAs the day before Christmas. could not say when they would get Platinum Visors in stock again.

    Obviously a several thousand new PALM-OS users were the result of Christmas gifts.

    When you search for "PALM Software" on most search engines, the top link will be

    So palmgear is busier than it can handle. Don't worry, it won't last. Most people have already gone back to work after the holidays. The fad of having a new device to play with will wear out. Games on a PALM aren't THAT fun or easy to play, so the "it's as good as a Gameboy" sentiment won't last.

    Just wait. Palmgear will recover. So will we. So will the economy.

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    It's been this bad for months now!

    As to better searches, click on Search Archives instead. It has more options for searching.
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    They have a new team writing a whole new web site/interface.

    Along a better layout, they said the search will be improved quite a bit, and the switch to the new software should improve performance. I saw a prototype of it at PalmSource, and it looked pretty nice.

    They said they wanted to wait until after the holiday rush was over to deploy it. From the performance of their site, I'd say the rush is still on... :-(

    But hopefully we'll see the new interface soon.
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    The comment about the problem going on for months is right! Now it occurs everytime I try and go to the site. I've got to find a different place to buy my programs. (Yes I actually register the ones I like.)

    Any suggestions?

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    It seems they are currently using ColdFusion. ColdFusion is ok for small->medium projects, but PalmGear has long since gone beyond that, I think.

    They should consider some beefier hardware and more robust software. Perhaps an app server farm.
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    I got on Palmgear last night and there was new message ssaying that their servers were down for maintenance. It was not an error message, just a message they had posted as their site was down.
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    IMO, Palmgear is definitely the best site for software downloads. However, I have been checking Handango and they seem to have quite a bit too (but not nearly the volume that Palmgear has). Downloading from Palmgear takes way too long for someone like me who has no patience. I usually check during the day while I am at work and I can usually get on without a problem - it's just slower than molasses.

    Until they get moving and upgrade their servers, I am going to keep checking out Handango. I downloaded a program this morning and couldn't believe the difference.
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    At least half of the time I run a search at PalmGear I get errors and the site is pretty sluggish most of the time, which would be forgiveable if it would work more than half the time.
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    Nilbog complained: "How did this ever become the "official" place to download palm software?"

    Because you could easily perform searches for categories and keywords. You could always pop in to see what was new or updated. And because it seems everybody had their shareware available there. Going through C|Net's site or Tucows, after a while it was just easier going to PalmGear because they always had what I was looking for.

    If this major Web site overhaul is really happening, I am certainly looking forward to it. I uploaded the entire 2001 MLB schedule there for MobileDB and now I can't access it.
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    Another website you can find a fairly good search engine one, and many PalmOS programs, is

    Not as big an assortment as palmgear, but fairly easy to get onto.


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    There is nothing yet made by man that cannot be improved upon.
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    They were up and down for a good portion of today doing server maitenance and now it seems to be working fine, thank God! No new redesign though
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    Anyone tried least the server seems to be up all the time...but quite limited search functions i think..
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    I personally think Handango blows palmgear out of the Internet. Anything you can get on Palmgear you can get from Handango. Give them a try.

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    This site actually has a links list of places you can get freeware/shareware from :

    and here are some other links ( they might have already been posted but i'm taking everything i've bookmarked in my quest

    hope this helps everyone..

    and these are other message boards that also have plenty of links

    Ok thats all i have
    if nothing else .. i suggest checking out the FIRST one i posted (the one with the list of links)

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    For me, Handango is too corporate, while palmgear has more of an "open source" feel. I've always gotten the feel from Handango that the "featured software" was the one that someone paid them to put up.

    I really liked who handango was before. I forgot the name, but it seemed to be similar to palmgear. One they got bought out, I felt their focus shifted to a "make gobs of cash" model and away from the "it's neat and cool" mentality.
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    Anyone ever ventured to palmspot?

    At least this site doesn't have over 70 categories. I wrote palmgear so many times about their site and recommendations. I am really eager about this facelift.

    I was getting so frustrated that I registered my own domain for this...

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    Let's face the facts...
    You know a Website is lame when the number one dowload is a program that turns the palm completly black in order to be used as a mirror. And has been the number one download since May 1999.

    In my opinion Handango is not near as complete as, even though palmgear may sometimes be down.

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    I came across this web-site that should be interesting to all PDA users.
    By the way… Palmgear is down again.

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