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    My Treo 600s screen broke and I decided not to fix I have PARTS...everything you sync cable...antenna...charger...etc

    Make me an offer...Thanks!
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    Yeah hi,
    desparate need of an antenna and fixing screw! What part of the world R U?
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    I'm in California.
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    It might sound strange, but after my Treo did a 4 foot swan dive at the entrance of the grocery store, I am missing the large rubber stopper on the back, below the antenna (and below the smaller rubber stopper that covers the screw).

    I could also use an extra stylus if it's still available.

    I can send you payment via paypal.

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    I have a bad motherboard in my 600, where are you at in cali rtpatton?
    .Treo Pro on Sprint Check out, Audio jack fix.
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    i'm in cali and i need a hotsync cable.


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