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    I've searched literally for hours so forgive me if this has been covered and I'm unable to find it. My 650 spontaneously reset today and I lost all my prefs and reg. codes. That's a simple enough fix, my real problem is now I am unable to logon to the internet. Blazer just shows a blank screen, when I put in a web address the screen just blinks and remains blank. Versamail will not "get" any of my emails, and Dir. Assistant will not search at all. Has anyone had this problem. My 650 is Sprint. I would appreciate any help you guys can give me.
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    Not sure why no blazer. However, my suggestion would be to hard reset, make sure blazer works, then reinstall your apps. You can hotsync it after the reset and get most everything back, except for some prefs sometimes.
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    Was having similar problem with blazer and snapper would not connect. I went to Prefs-->Network and tapped Modify. When the screen came up that warned you of dangers in changing settings I clicked cancel and that gave me a little unlocked symbol. I clicked done and blazer started working again. Don't know what this did or if it was what fixed the problem but give it a shot.
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    Brilliant! Treodaily, I did as you said which got me a little further but I still wasn't able to connect. However, as I was looking at the "network" screen, I noticed for service it said "PCS vision copy" instead of "PCS vision" so once I changed it back to "PCS vision" everything's working fine. Thank you guys very much for your quick responses.
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    Ive done all you said, but in my case, I had internet connection but one week ago Ive upgraded my Treo (unlocked) and now I dont have it, but I can send emails via Versamail. It is very estrange. I hope someone can help me.

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