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    does anyone know how to get a ringtone into the sounds folder of a treo 600 after transferring it via hot sync into the sd card? i've tried both wav and midi formats but either way i can't attach them to an email because i'm not given the option of attaching from sd card! some help please!

    thanks a bunch!
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    I believe you can hotsync your wave or midi to your SD card (maybe I am wrong). I have not used hotsync to move any of my audio files since I have Card Export. Hotsync takes a while but it should put it under the AUDIO folder of your SD Card.

    If you have access to an SD card reader/writer, you can just drag and drop from you PC, that's the quickest way.

    Otherwise, you can use a freeware like Palm File Browser from MTDN or a commercial product like Card Export from SoftTick.

    After you have loaded your wave or midi to your SD card, to load the wave or midi as your ringtone, try this from your Blazer (you need to go to the www prompt):
    file:///AUDIO/mymidi.mid where the mymidi.mid is the file name of the midi (or wave file).
    From there it will prompt you if you want to accept it.

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