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    I am trying to take a picture from my digital camera and put it on my treo. I copy and pasted it to the DCIM folder under my user name, but it does not transfer over. Suggestions? My file folders are as follows:

    user name
    backup for internal offline copy location
    203e Internal

    Is this correct? I had some trouble with files and had to redo my card. Could this be my problem? Thanks!
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    I have no problem transfering over my 5mpix pictures. Best way is to use the media section in palm desktop once you have down loaded the picture to your PC. The application will also optimize the picture for display and size on the treo.
    Alternatively, if your camera uses SD cards like mine then you can put the card straight into the treo and view them. (very slow, but the new fat32 driver might speed things up)
    Also, it is best to put them on an SD card in the treo as it uses less memory.
    When you want to view them on the Treo don't forget to select the correct folder on your sd card.
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