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    Only just got this 5 days ago, been playing with it. Didn't like the selection of ringtones. Downloaded Ringo Pro so I could use MP3s.
    Installed it and tried to set it up to use the tunes I had installed to the 1/2 gig sd card.

    Phone stopped ringing or vibrating. After some discussion, my sister who is a bit of a Mrs Gadget. suggested I uninstall Ringo and see what happened.
    Lo and behold, phone now rings and vibrates BUI NOT the tune I have set it to. (Fur Elise) but just rings.

    Help! I have checked all the settings I can but no, it is stuck on ringring.

    Is there some default over-ride I have missed. I have done a soft re-set but to no avail. Any assistance gratefully received.
    Has anyone else here managed to get Ringo pro working OK?
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    I don't use Ringo but here are a couple of suggested threads that may help in regards to adding ringtones:
    TREO 650 and MP3's for Ringtones - about suggestions on setting ringtones using 3rd party software.
    Ringo 4.393 + Treo 650 = Flawless - user experience on Ringo
    STEP BY STEP wav ringtone answer - how to without using Ringo, etc.
    Hope it helps.
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    Thank you very much, I shall check those out!

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