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    I have had my Sprint 650 for a month or so. I saw software mentioned the other day that would allow an SMS message to be sent to your 650 if it was lost or stolen & it would lock up the whole unit.

    What is SMS & do I have it on my Sprint 650?

    My unit is very basic. The only 3rd party software I have installed is Snapper.

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    SMS stands for Short Messaging Service, and yes you do have it on your Treo 650. There is an application on your phone called....Messaging...this is your SMS application. SMS allows you to send text messages to other mobile numbers as well a email adrresses. Depending on what services you have with Sprint, you may have a bucket of monthly SMS messages (like 200 a month) or you may have unlimited SMS messages. Also, if you have a Vision package, which I would assume you do, you have the ability to send pictures as well.
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    to further elaborate on the above post the app called Butler has a feature that enables you to send an sms to the treo to lock it/erase data.
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