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    I am sorry if this is already answered.

    I installed Volumecare, and I want to know how we uninstall applications from Treo 650. Is there a procedure to follow?

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    YEs... but there are some caveats.
    IF you are using the built in browser there is a DELETE option in the menu BEWARE THAT it will leave any db's associated with the program IN MEMORY, so you won't recover ALL of your free ram.

    You can search for a program called destaller and it will identify associated db's, prefs, etc... and select to DELETE the group and it will delete the main prc (program) and associated files... or should.

    THERE are other programs that should do likewise.

    THIS IS my recomendation... HTH

    BTW, patience...
    Now it's the WAITING GAME: a GSM Palm Pre
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    If you just want to uninstall VolumeCare: open the program. Make sure that ENABLE is UNchecked. Go the the main (home) screen. Press the Menu button. Choose delete. In the list, browse to VolumeCare. Click the Delete button.
    - Wouter
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    Thanks Guys.

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