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    Argh, about once a day, my Palm BT headset won't connect to my Verizon 650 and needs to be re-paired each time to get it to work. This is easy to do but constantly annoying.

    Anyone else experience constant BT headset unpairing and any suggestions on how to fix?

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    My Scala 500 use to do it about twice a week, now I have a Tekkeon ET3000, and it hasn't lost pairing in about 3-4 weeks... A buddy of mine told me his Razor & Moto headset lose pairing daily also.

    BUT, I never turn the Tekkeon off, because the blue light isn't as annoying as my Scala's light was. I do turn the BT on/off daily on the phone. That may have something to do with it.
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    My TWH is a workhorse. I don't have to re-pair it more than once a month.
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    I got a lot of that when I was using the Treo headset and the 650 where I'd lose pairing. I thought it was "normal" with all bluetooth headsets, period.

    After trying out other brands, I discovered that better ones existed out there which don't suffer from the same problem.

    You could, like me the past few weeks, go out and try every headset out there and spend a lot of money. Or you could just go with other users' experiences. I've tried a lot (SE HBH-300 / 608 / 610 / 660, Jabra BT500, Flamingo, GG03a, Logitech Traveller), and I found the Plantronics 510 to be the best one in terms of sound and weight, with the Treo 650.

    My 2-cents.
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    I have re-paired mine twice since I got it (not counting after ROM upgrades).... I gues I have it about 11 months now.

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