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    I am sorry if this has been asked and answered already, but a search on the forum brought up too many false positives.

    I am looking to see if there is a find/search feature that will search through contacts and memos on the 650. My Palm Vx had this as a simple button that brought up a dialog box, but I can't seem to find this anywhere. If it isn't built it, is there a seperate software program that will do this? Thanks!
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    Hi Yosarian!

    Yes, the Treo 650 has that search function.

    Find the key (bottom left of the keyboard) that has the magnifing glass on it.

    1st hit the blue key, then hit that (find) key.
    You will get a pop up screen to type in the keyword you are searching for, the Treo will search all data bases.

    As well as Treo Central Discussion, the index of your user manual is also a good resource -- I am sure you could find this info there -- under "search" or "find".

    Cheers, Perry
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    Well if you want to find "a contact" just start typing the name when at the contacts screen..... to find me i would start typing "jnaylor".
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    Jack, thanks, I learned that playing around with phone- its a good trick to remember!
    Perry- Thanks for the info. And you assume that I still have my manual
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    Is there a way to search for text in everything BUT the calendar? With many appointments, it takes a while to search...

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