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    I switched off ringertone during a call to vibrate.
    Then after a while I switched vibrate call off again
    but now I can't hear any ringer tone anymore.

    I tried everything to resolve this problem but still can't hear Ring soudn
    when someone call me.

    If I accept phonecall, I can hear the person speaking
    sound volume = 7
    vibrate = off.

    What's happening?
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    Try this test:
    Plug in your Handsfree headset that came with the unit when you purchased the Treo. with the headset button pressed on, get someone to call your Mobile, if you hear a ringer sound in the headset, then the ringer could be the one that needs to be replaced. If you still don't hear the sound on the headset either, then probably the switch could be the culprit. Do let me know the outcome.
    Ajay Acharya
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    Thank you for your reply.
    I don't hear the sound on the headset either.
    I can hear it very very low/soft in the depth (same without headset)

    Could you please tell me what you mean by switch? Is it a hardware problem?
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    I have had this happen to me twice. I found that something had actually turned my Phone Preferences to off. Simple fix was go into preferences--- sound and alerts and make sure your alert volume for your phone application is not somehow set to off
    There's always next year!
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    @scuzlebutt: alert volume is not turned off in my phone :-(
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    The switch is something that you see on the top.... the switch can be either in the "Silent mode" or in the "Ringer mode". If this has stopped functioning, your phone will fail to switch between ringer & silent modes.
    However, you are telling that you are able to hear a faint sound.... probably the ringer speaker is gone(????? I am guessing).
    Perform a soft reset, see if the problem still is there. If the problem persists, then perform a Hot Sync to back-up your data, and then a Hard reset. If the problem persists, time to send for repair. Let me know how did it all go.
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    I already did a soft and hard reset but did not solve the problem.

    I don't think the ringer speaker is gone because if I use the headset I cannot hear the ringer as well.
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    Strange, the ringtone is back again. Two 2,5 weeks without ringtone and now the ringtone is back. Anyone can help me suggesting me what to do? Is the treo damaged?
    Can it be the switch which doesn't work very well?
    Nobody had the same problems?

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