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    just installed 1.20 ENA over 1.13. somethings not quite right though, when i go to quicktour, it shows broken images like in IE explorer when the picture is not in the directory. why would palm release a firmware without the pictures for tutorial? did i install it wrong? i installed twice so i dont know why it wouldnt work
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    call palm technical support. most probably you have to install it the third time because your file might be corrupted.
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    just installed for the third time and still when i go to QuickTour, it shows broken images. does anyone else experience this. i am guessing this is how it was released. i dont know how i can install 3 times and it not install those images.

    also it says Treo650-1.20-ENA / Firmeware 01.71 -- thats correct right?
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    I did as you did and my Quick Tour works fine.

    Also, Treo650-1.20-ENA / Firmware 01.71 is correct for my unlocked GSM 650
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    ok, my quick tour works fine too. i just mean that it shows no images in quicktour... i get a little icon like the one u get in Internet Explorer when the site is misisng a graphic.. can some other people with 1.20 ENA please go to their quicktour and check if they have images and reply.. thanks!
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    I have done the 1.20ENA update on several phones. All of them function fine and are have all the Quicktour images.
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    Are there 2 threads same question?
    What's up wit dat?
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    sorry i had forgot i already posted this quesiton... mods can delete this thread

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