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    I have had a problem with my Sprint Treo 650 resetting whenever I opened Versamail. I had previously solved that problem by doing a hard reset and then gradually adding software. That seemed to work well and I assume that I must have added some third party software that is causing the problem.

    So I have done a hard reset again. In fact I have done it several times. When I do the hard reset versamail works fine. But when I synch, all of the previous software I have is restored and my problem with resets returns. I have tried renaming the backup folder. I have tried renaming the user folder. I have tried cancelling the synch when I see how much software is being restored and I get the message that it is cancelling, but everything gets restored anyway.

    I would appreciate it if someone can tell me how to prevent software from being restored so that I can restore software one or two at a time so I can see what is causing the resetting.

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    Hi Everett !

    Do you get an "erase all data -- yes/no" screen when you do the hard reset? After the hard reset--scan your Treo and make sure all data and added programs are gone. The following is a link to Palm's web site on resets:

    Renaming the backupfolder should work:

    rename this to backupold.
    When you resync your empty Treo -- you should only get your PIM data back --contacts, memos, calendar, tasks.

    Cheers, Perry
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    1. What Master Perry said.

    2. Are you using BackUpBuddy or soemthing like it ? If so disable the conduit and delete all saved images.

    3. One sure way is to completely uninstall the Palm Desktop.

    a) Copy your user name folder somewhere else.
    b) Use Windows uninstaller to remove PD
    c) Delete any leftover folders.
    d) Hard Reset (See perry's note)
    e) Sync

    4. If you are syncling with MS Lookout (outlook) whatever in there coming back. Do you percance have 1,000 e-maisl sitting there that when you synch you choke the device ?
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    Thanks to both Perry and Jack,

    I am on my way. I did another hard reset, uninstalled Palm Desktop, moved the files with my data to another location on my harddrive. When I did my first synch I got only the original software, and am now in the process of reinstalling other software a little at a time.


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