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    anyone having issues connecting to yahoo mail with snapper?
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    Working fine here. Sprint 650 with lastest firmware and latest version of Snapper.

    Good luck
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    Same here it's connecting fine. Once and awhile I can't retrieve email but a reset of the phone usually fixes it. Tends to be a network issue more than anything for me.

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    I have a yahoo account linked to my paying account (I have others but that one is the only one linked to a pay account) and I have always been able to get mail onto Versamail client with that account. Just today I tried it (last time it worked was a few days ago) and now I get "-ERR Server not ready. Please try again after sometime" I'm able to get mail on my Versamail basic account, and the AOL accounts I have set up on my Versamail, and I am able to access they Yahoo account through Blazer, but NOT through my Versamail screen without that error message today. Any ideas?
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    I had that problem the other day through normal POP access from my PC never mind versamail. I could still access the same account through a browser without any problem. It started working again before I got as far as working out how to contact them and ask what was wrong. Their servers do seem to be running a little slower than I remember though.


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